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These are common questions we're asked by customers. Take a look below and see if one of these may be the answer you need, too.


What is Mainline's warranty?
Our warranty varies by product. For complete details, take a look at each individual product’s page. There you will find individual warranty information on the technical documents (usually found in the Installation Manual).


How durable are Mainline faucet finishes?
Mainline finishes are incredibly durable and lock in Mainline’s rich finishes for years of trouble free enjoyment. Our Brushed Nickel is protected by physical vapor deposition or PVD finish. Our Oil Rubbed Bronze is protected by a durable powder coat finish.
What are the recommended care and cleaning instructions for Mainline finishes?
For best results, simply use warm water and a soft cloth to clean the finish. Gently dry buff the surface with the soft clean cloth and be sure to avoid ammonia-based cleaning materials, as well as bleach and other harsh detergents.
What kind of cartridges does Mainline use and are they interchangeable with other manufacturers?
Mainline faucets are equipped with precision high quality washerless cartridges to maintain drip-free flow control. For optimum performance and to honor warranty requirements, please insist ONLY on genuine Mainline branded replacement parts.
Can Mainline in-wall shower valves be installed back-to-back?
Absolutely! The valves are back-to-back capable by turning the cartridge 180 degrees.
What is a pressure-balance shower valve?
Pressure-balance valves are designed to protect bathers from sudden changes in water temperature and especially from surges caused by flushing of toilets, etc. Pressure-balance valves are required by code in most areas of the country for new construction.
Is there a charge for Mainline repair parts and where do I go to make a purchase?
All Mainline parts covered under warranty are free of charge for the first two years. There may be a small charge for parts not covered under warranty. Contact us for details: [email protected]


How can I keep my stainless steel sink looking great for a lifetime?
Routine cleaning with hot water and soap is important. For mild stains or light scratches, we suggest a mildly aggressive cleaner such as Shiny Sinks Plus® or Flitz®. To remove stubborn stains Comet®, Ajax®, BonAmi® or BarKeeper’s Friend® work well but always rub in the direction of the grain. Always rinse thoroughly and wipe dry after cleaning.
Is it OK to clean my sink with steel wool or a steel brush?
No! Never use steel wool, metal scouring pads, steel brushes, etc. as they will leave behind residue that can cause a rusty discoloration.
How can I avoid rust spots from forming in my beautiful stainless steel sink?
Mainline sinks use top quality stainless steel that does not rust. However if your water has a high iron content, a brown surface stain can form on the sink giving the appearance of rust. Also, iron particles from metal cooking implements or steel wool can bond to the surface of the sink and cause rust spots. To remove this surface rust, use a small amount of a recommended cleaner and rub in the direction of the grain. Always rinse thoroughly and towel dry.
What about scratches in my sink?
Mainline uses top quality Type 304 stainless steel, but any stainless steel sink WILL scratch with use. As the sink ages, scratches will blend into the surface and become less evident.
What about water spots in my stainless steel sink?
The quality of your water can affect the appearance of you sink. Iron or mineral content in your water can leave surface spots or a film. This can be removed with a soft cloth, warm water and dish soap. For removing heavier residue, vinegar and water may be used. Always rinse thoroughly and towel dry.
What gauge stainless steel does Mainline use in its sinks?
Gauge is the thickness of the stainless steel… the lower the number, the thicker the stainless steel. 18 gauge is thicker than 20 gauge. Mainline uses top-quality type 300,301 and 304 stainless steel. Mainline undermount sinks are all type 304, 18 gauge. Mainline top mount sinks are 18, 20 or 22 gauge.
Why are Mainline sinks only available in a brushed satin finish?
Brushed satin is a rich, deep finish produced from meticulous machine and hand-finishing resulting in a beautiful, very durable surface that holds up well over time.
What is undercoating and why is it important?
Undercoating is a spray protective finish applied to the bottom of Mainline stainless steel sink bowls. It absorbs sound, insulates against condensation and helps maintain water temperature.
Will stainless steel sinks withstand extreme temperature?
Absolutely. Stainless steel will easily stand up to the thermal shock of boiling liquids followed by icy water without any damage.